A Parvus House is More Than Cute
Our Tiny House Designs are the Perfect Fit for Modern Living

You’ve seen them in your social media feeds, in magazines and on TV—tiny houses. You are here because you’re intrigued with the concept of a beautiful home or extra space in an extremely compact design that is big on livability and sustainability. A Parvus House is just the sort of place you can call home.

Tiny Thoughts: Parvus House News & Insights

The Parvus House crew regularly posts updates about the tiny house movement, sustainable living, eco-friendly construction, design, and news about the company.

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Sean Williams Gives His Predictions for 2018 Sustainability

The editors at sawdust asked Sean Williams, Parvus House CDO, to make a few predictions for 2018. As an architect focused on biomimicry, his predictions look towards sustainability with a slight tech slant. His forecast includes artificial intelligence, the evolution of sustainability, and black water. See Sean’s predictions and more at sawdust.
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Tennessee Tiny House Festival

The Tennessee Tiny House Festival was the perfect destination as Hurricane Irma started her path up the state of Florida last week. I decided to leave for Chattanooga a day early to avoid the traffic, empty gas stations, and overall chaos of evacuation. While it wasn’t the easiest trip (there were still a lot of…
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Ponce City Market: Atlanta Tiny House Showcase

I went down to Ponce City Market the last weekend in August to check out the latest in Atlanta’s Tiny Houses and found four great designs (and a lot of great people). They were all trailered houses and one trailered office. The office was simple, bright and net zero energy. The space was large enough…
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A Parvus House Design Makes Green Living Easy

Obviously, a tiny home is a perfect match for a small lot, but our compact home blueprints are also ideal for:

  • Tandem Houses

  • Man Caves

  • She Sheds

  • Home-Offices

  • Shedquarters

  • Tiny Home Communities

  • Transitional Housing

  • Home Parks

  • Guest Suites

  • Aging-In-Place

  • In-Law Suites

  • 'Get Away' Residences

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

  • Mother-in-law apartments

  • Granny Flats

Parvus House and the Living Building Challenge

All Parvus House plans are designed to Living Building Challenge standards – a holistic approach to the most progressive thinking in architecture, engineering, interior design, construction, landscaping, and lifestyle. We adhere to the “Petals” or performance categories of Place Water, Energy, Health & Happiness, Materials, Equity, and Beauty.

The materials list you receive with your Parvus House drawings strictly follow the Living Building Challenge Materials Imperative, avoiding a variety of materials and chemicals on the Red List.

While we encourage you to purchase the specified materials, you may certainly make the decisions that are best for you.

Your Better Way of Life Starts Here

PH Balance

480 square foot tiny house on foundation featuring full-size fixtures on a single floor

PH Work

Customizable tiny office on foundation or wheels perfect for small companies, hobby room, or a man cave

PH Independence

Tiny house on wheels or foundation featuring modern design and sustainable living options

About Us

We always recognized the tiny house movement as a positive development as it hints of a society that’s finally beginning to worry about humanity’s impact on our planet. And anywhere we can shrink our personal footprints leaves space something else—maybe something nicer or more beneficial for everyone … and everything.

But small—in and of itself—isn’t necessarily more efficient than a larger model with the same functions. After all, every building has a purpose, and a tiny home that’s little more than a detached hotel room with a cottage façade is probably less efficient than an extra bedroom and bath within a regular home. That’s why we went to work creating blueprints for Parvus House.

Enjoy a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle! View and order your ideal Parvus House blueprint today!

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Parvus House FAQs

The more popular tiny houses become, the more questions folks have about them. We've answered some of the most frequent questions we get about tiny houses, our designs, and living tiny. Have one we haven't answered? Just ask!

Do you have more questions for us? Call at us (727) 537-9071 or send an email to hello@parvushouse.com. We’re eager to talk with you!

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