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Ginger Reichl Participates as a Panelist for Tiny House Discussion at CLE Land Use Conference

tiny house speaker

Parvus House CEO, Ginger Reichl, participated on the “Tiny Houses: Affordable Housing Opportunity vs. Planning and Regulatory Barriers” panel at the CLE International Land Use Law Conference in Tampa. The discussion included an overview of tiny houses, how municipalities, particularly in Florida, are adopting ordinances to welcome tiny houses, other barriers to tiny living including…

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Big Mountains, Tiny Houses

Colorado Springs People's Tiny House Festival

The 1500 mile trip to Colorado Springs proved worth it for many reasons, not least of which was the spectacular scenery. Set in the shadow of Pike’s Peak on the Air Force Academy campus, the People’s Tiny House Festival featured about 40 structures of all types – tiny houses, schoolies, and gypsy wagons. The weather…

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