Big Mountains, Tiny Houses

The 1500 mile trip to Colorado Springs proved worth it for many reasons, not least of which was the spectacular scenery. Set in the shadow of Pike’s Peak on the Air Force Academy campus, the People’s Tiny House Festival featured about 40 structures of all types – tiny houses, schoolies, and gypsy wagons. The weather was gorgeous, and while it was almost 90 degrees, there was practically no humidity and a nice breeze – something this Florida girl could get used to!

Another reason I was excited to attend this event was spending time with my friend Lisa of Tiny House Classified. She and I met when we both served on the American Tiny House Association board of directors.



This custom-commissioned beauty by Tiny House Chattanooga reminded me of the Parvus House designs. She won People’s Choice award


Our friends John and Fin Kernohan are known for their Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9 (and their Beloved Cabin, and yurt, and running the United Tiny House Association, and the largest tiny house festivals in the country, and emcee’ing this event… and and and) – but this is their newest baby. John was relieved with how much easier this was to pull, and Fin worked her design magic to make the interior as beautiful as ever. This is also part of their latest venture, United Tiny House Rentals!

This magical “Dr. Seussy” house from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses was one of my favorites – so whimsical and unique! 

The folks at Tumbleweed Tiny Houses always have a stunner to show off!

Our friends at Tiny House Expedition are always so kind to show off their home and promote the tiny house movement. They made a presentation, “Lessons Learned from Traveling 50,000 Miles with a Tiny House”, and screened their documentary, “Living Tiny Legally.”

Don’t you just love the color gradient and those big, fun windows! I didn’t get to see this inside of this one, but it has a loft bed on a pulley-rig to lift it up and down. There were a couple of those at the show!

I have so many photos of the majestic Rockies overlooking Colorado Springs, but isn’t the Air Force Academy campus beautiful?

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