Exploring Tiny Houses in Decatur

Decatur Tiny House FestivalWe enjoyed an inspiring (although rainy) couple days at the Decatur Tiny House Festival – touring tiny homes and chatting with other designers, manufacturers, and enthusiasts.

Decatur Tiny House Festival Decatur Tiny House Festival

Decatur Tiny House FestivalPerhaps the most engaging part of the event was the Tiny Talks featuring an impressive collection of speakers – all experts in tiny houses, sustainable living, urban planning and the tiny home lifestyle.

  • “Downsize and Organize your way to Happiness” – Claudia Morris-Barclay and Catherine Lee
  • “Building Sustainably Tiny” – Carl Seville, Patrick Chopson and moderator Robert Reed
  • “Planning, Zoning, & Codes – What and Where can I Build” – Ted Miltiades, Elizabeth Roberts, Angela Threadgill and moderator Will Johnston
  • “The Tiny Minority – Navigating Tiny as a Person of Color” – Jewel Pearson
  • “It Take a Village – Building a Tiny House Community” – Jeremy Weaver, Kim Bucciero and Will Johnston
  • “Aging in Place – Baby Boomers talking tiny” – Adrienne Simpson and Katie Perumbeti
  • “The Missing Middle” – Eric Kronberg
  • “Impact of Living and Designing Tiny” – Dan Louche and Brian Sweny
  • Decatur Cottage Courts – Angela Threadgill, Mark Ethun and Will Johnston
  • “Social Impact and Sustainability of Tiny Houses” – Brian Preston and Mario Cambardella
  • “Living the Tiny Life” – John & Fin Kernohan and Jewel Pearson
  • “The Art of Space – Designing for resource efficiency and occupant well being” – Laura Case and Bonnie Casamassima of Southface

Read more about the festival in this story from decaturish.com: Big Turnout for Tiny House Festival in Decatur.

For more information about the tiny house movement in the Atlanta area, visit Tiny House Atlanta on Facebook and on their web site.

We can’t wait for the next festival!

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