Frequently Asked Questions

Other than space, what is the biggest difference between one of your tiny house design and a traditional single-family dwelling?

Because of the reduced size, the budget can be better utilized for quality materials. Of course, the energy efficient designs save a significant amount of money over the life of the house, and there is a beautiful appeal to paring down possessions to only those which provide happiness, value and meaning to your life.

How much living space is there in your average home design?

200 to 400 square feet.

On average, what are the outer dimensions of these homes?

PH Balance - our full-size living unit is 11.5’x42’

What rooms do your designs typically have?

The living units have separate bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and living areas.

PH Work is an office space and bathroom with roof access.

How many adults could comfortably live in one of your homes?

The living units comfortably accommodate two adults, however there is space to welcome guests.

How well do these homes hold up in terms of re-sale value?

The tiny house movement is quite new so we don’t yet have any empirical data to support any re-sale value claims. However, we believe quality homes will retain, if not increase, in value over time.

How long could I expect my tiny home to last?

With proper love and maintenance, it should be no different than a standard, single family home.

Can your house designs be adapted for a tiny house on wheels (THOW)?

Yes, modifications can be made to put a Parvus House on wheels, however, please consult with your contractor and local zoning officials before making any decisions.

How are tiny houses distinguished from traditional single-family homes in terms of zoning laws?

Zoning laws vary by city, county and other state organizations. Please find the ordinances in your area prior to making any decisions. Some information can be found at the American Tiny House Association.

Is there financing available for tiny houses?

Financing is becoming more available as banks begin to determine how they can accommodate the market. Some builders provide private financing options.

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