Ginger Reichl quoted in 83 Degrees story about tiny houses

Following the recent St. Pete Tiny House Festival, we received several calls about the tiny house movement, the climate for them in Florida, and what the near future holds for micro-housing.

One call was from Janan Talafer with 83 Degrees who wanted to chat about the primary forces pushing tiny house options in the Tampa Bay area. We had a great conversation about the demand we’re seeing and how that compares to the obstacles in place from a variety of forces both nationally and here in Florida.

What’s the appeal? “Tiny houses offer many opportunities for people to have access to affordable housing, “says Ginger Reichl, CEO of Parvus House, a St. Petersburg company that designs them.

“A lot of younger people aren’t interested in acquiring a lot of material possessions and tiny houses work for them,” says Reichl. “They’re also useful as affordable transitional housing for veterans, youth aging out of foster care and other groups.”

But like micro-apartments, placing tiny houses within a community can be a challenge. “There are a lot of roadblocks,” says Reichl. “Banks don’t know how to finance them, insurance companies don’t know how to insure them, and zoning rules often won’t allow them.”

You can read the complete article on the 83 Degrees website.

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