Ponce City Market: Atlanta Tiny House Showcase

I went down to Ponce City Market the last weekend in August to check out the latest in Atlanta’s Tiny Houses and found four great designs (and a lot of great people). They were all trailered houses and one trailered office.

The office was simple, bright and net zero energy. The space was large enough for four to work comfortably and had some interesting technology including Tesla home battery and solar panels. This was joint venture with the Atlanta Tiny House group, their new office, and a local architecture firm. The only thing they were waiting on were the sit-to-stand furniture for the bench seating.

Like each tiny house event we attend, there was a good size crowd, one house was about a 45 minute wait to get in! Atlanta is making strides in getting tiny houses added to the typical housing stock through zoning and special districts which continues to drive the curious-of-all-ages to see the latest trends.

Off to the next show in Decatur. Last year they sold out and I imagine this year will be the same.


*Photo courtesy of Ponce City Market

695 Central Avenue #200
St. Petersburg, FL 33703
(727) 537-9071