What You Should Know About Tiny Houses

The More You Learn, the More Impressed You’ll Be

There are a lot of reasons why you may be attracted to a tiny home, but we thought we’d list some of them here … just in case you haven’t thought of them yet.

  • Inexpensive to build

    There are a lot of factors to take into account when building a tiny home (or any house for that matter) but with cost-to-build estimates of about $30K - $90K, you’re probably looking at about 1/10 what the average traditional homes would cost.

  • Save on utilities

    What could you do with the extra money that comes from heating and cooling a house with an area of about 250 – 400 square feet, versus the electric bill for a traditional home? Most tiny house owners pay only the minimum connection fee each month.
  • Home maintenance is easier … and cheaper

    Think about house painting, or replacing a roof. Upkeep and repairs are just another way that having less house means a lot more money in your pocket.

  • And there’s a lot less housework too

    Face it, with a tiny house you could probably give the entire place a good cleaning in the time it takes to dust and vacuum the living room alone in most traditional houses. Don’t you have better things to do?

  • It’s the excuse you need to get rid of useless junk

    Do you ever have so much stuff that you can’t find what you actually need? Moving into a tiny house will be the motivation you need to simplify your life.

  • Using each drop of water efficiently

    By utilizing a grey water system that hides within the house, that water is used again for gardens, toilet flushing and other non-potable uses to further reduce water consumption

  • Functional roof space

    With the Parvus House design, you may select to utilize your roof as a green space for a garden or solar panels for a more sustainable energy plan.

  • Lighter and brighter living

    By including better natural light, we reduce the number of electric lights, thus reducing the amount of work that the air conditioning unit must undertake. Light makes humans happy.

  • And of course, it’s better for the environment

    Small houses mean larger yards. What better way to connect with nature that your own backyard. Fewer resources to build, fewer resources to maintain, and less area to accommodate is simply a friendlier and more thoughtful way to live.

Keep in mind that these benefits are true of most tiny homes. However, because Parvus House designs are planned with the utmost emphasis on functionality, sustainability and livability, your home will offer all of that and more.

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